When you are looking for commercial real estate in Denver, Rare Space is the best choice to guide you through the process. When you need a new office space, you essentially have four options: lease an existing space, buy an existing space, build a new facility to own, or negotiate a built to suit lease. Built to suit leases allow tenants to design a new space that meets their needs without the upfront capital needed to own a new building. In this case, the tenant designs the space, but they do not own it. When you go through the build to suit process with Rare Space, we will facilitate everything that needs to be done, from researching available properties to assembling a team of necessary professionals, such as a developer, architect, project manager, contractor, lender, and real estate attorney. So, is a build to suit lease right for your business?

If your current space does not meet your needs, a build to suit lease offers several advantages. Most obviously, this option lets you design your space precisely. You will not find an empty office space that is completely tailored to the needs of your company. Particularly if your business has special space requirements, a build to suit lease may be the best option. Additionally, a build to suit lease gives you greater control over location of your office.

However, if your need for office space is immediate, a build to suit lease is not the right option for you. The build to suit process can take several years. Additionally, if you are looking for a short lease, it is better to opt for an already existing office space, as build to suit leases require a long term commitment.

Regardless of what you decide, when you are looking for commercial real estate in Denver, Rare Space can help you. Contact us today.