Sometimes, businesses believe that there is no need to hire a tenant representation expert when they are seeking commercial real estate. They may believe that the cost is prohibitive, or that the service isn’t worth it. However, we are here to tell you that with our tenant representation services, we are actually able to save you time and money. Here are the four top reasons you should hire Rare Space to represent you for your next commercial real estate lease:

Insider Knowledge

At Rare Space, the commercial real estate market is our expertise. We have access to many commercial spaces before they become publicly available, so we can find more options for you than you would be able to find on your own. Additionally, because we know the market so well, we know the value of spaces; therefore, we can tell you when a proposed offer is reasonable or not.  

Negotiation Skills

As experience tenant representation experts, we have helped countless businesses through commercial real estate negotiations. We can help you through the negotiation process so you can understand exactly what is happening and therefore make informed decisions. Additionally, as we are your representatives, we are there to protect your interests through the process.

Managed Logistics

When buying commercial real estate, there are many parties involved, including the landlord, architect, interior designers, engineers, construction managers, property managers, and lawyers. With so many people to communicate with, it is natural for the tenant to get overwhelmed. When you hire Rare Space for your tenant representation, however, you have one point of contact who fully understands the process and can coordinate these people for you.

No Conflict Of Interest

As a tenant representation firm, we work exclusively for tenants. We never represent owners or developers, so you know where our loyalty lies. We are only interested in finding you the right space to meet your needs, and we have no conflict of interest.

When you need tenant representation in Denver or Northern Colorado, Rare Space can help. We have the experience and connections necessary to find you the perfect commercial real estate for your business. Contact us today.