Buy, Sell, Lease, or Rent Flex Space

Flex space is typically the term given to industrial spaces that are “lightly” zoned. This means that these industrial spaces are fully or partially converted into office space. Flex office space is becoming increasingly popular in technology ventures and many other industries. Due to such a rise in flex space demand, it is increasingly difficult to find a good location. Whether you are looking for a flex location because your company has outgrown, downsized, or decided to relocate to a more lucrative location, R|S Rare Space can help. We specialize in buying, leasing, or renting commercial real estate.

Here is how our company stands out among the commercial real estate industry:

  • To determine the needs and the future needs of our clients, we sit down and have an in-depth conversation with each client.
  • Once needs are determined we will jointly lay out a real estate strategy plan, complete with goals and a step-by-step process.
  • R|S Rare Space will then browse our proprietary commercial real estate database to find 4-6 locations that match all criteria.
  • Clients will tour each flex space location to determine which space works best for their business.
  • Clients will then choose three separate locations to begin negotiations.
  • R|S Rare Space will create proposals along with our clients to send to each location.
  • A financial analysis of each landlord response will be compiled and counter offers will be drafted. This process will continue until one location reaches mutually acceptable terms.
  • From here, R|S Rare Space will manage the rental, lease, or sales contacts.
  • We are also available to coordinate all aspects of a potential build out; architectural coordination, communicating with general contractors, etc.