Buy, Lease, or Rent a Warehouse

R|S Rare Space can help clients across Colorado find the perfect commercial location to house their business. We specialize in finding lease and rental warehouse space for businesses that need the extra space. We can also help you buy a warehouse property that will work for your business. Whether you are looking to form a brand new business, expand your current operations, or relocate, R|S Rare Space can make the commercial real estate portion of your to-do list very easy.

R|S Rare Space has developed a foolproof method of helping companies find their newest locations:

  • In-depth interview with our clients helps us understand their needs, and the future space needs of their company.
  • With our newfound knowledge we create a plan and set out goals with our clients. This comprehensive real estate strategy will help us choose warehouse locations that will work.
  • Each step of the process, along with each location, will be shared with the client to ensure that no important steps are lost along the way.
  • R|S Rare Space will search our proprietary 500 million square foot database to choose warehouse spaces that fit into the real estate strategy that was previously laid out.
  • Each client will be toured through 4-6 warehouse locations that meet the criteria that was laid out within the real estate strategy.
  • Along with the client, we will begin proposals for the top three warehouse locations. R|S Rare Space will take over all of the negotiations and the terms of each transaction.
  • All financial analysis and proposal responses will filter through the staff at R|S Rare Space. Counter proposals will be drafted and redrafted until mutually acceptable terms are agreed upon.
  • The client will have a final say on any available warehouse. R|S Rare Space can manage or continue with the negotiation of the buyers, rental, or lease document. We can also spearhead build outs to make the warehouse ready when you need it!